We are equipped with a state-of-the-art operating room, designed and built with nothing less than the highest standards in mind

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Sterility is of the utmost importance in most fields of medicine, including ophthalmology. For this reason, the door of the operating room was designed in a way that maintains a positive pressure inside the room, thus preventing bacteria from contaminating the space. The floors and ceilings of the operating room have antibacterial and antistatic properties. During surgery, an anaesthesiologist is present the whole time and monitors the condition of the patient using the latest technology for anaesthesiologic monitoring – the Zoll monitoring device. Among other equipment, the operating room is equipped with a Laminar Flow device.

LAMINAR FLOW – laminar airflow allows for one-way airflow, making sure that only sterile and air-conditioned air enters the room and that overpressure is maintained.
In the entire region, only the operating rooms of the Medić Jukić Eye Clinic are equipped with LAMINAR FLOW.


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For all questions and consultations, the clinic medical team and staff are available on 021 343 049 and 091 343 0491 and the email addresses ocna.poliklinika@gmail.com

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