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Specialist ophthalmic examination300,00 Kn
Subspecialist examination – front segment350,00 Kn
Subspecialist retinal examination350,00 Kn
Specialist follow-up examination150,00 Kn
Examination for laser vision correction500,00 Kn
Examination for prescription glasses150,00 Kn
Retinal examination200,00 Kn
Examination for soft contact lenses400,00 Kn
Examination for RGP lenses – RGP/Keratoconus500,00 Kn
Follow-up examination for soft contact lenses200,00 Kn
Follow-up examination for RGP lenses – RGP/Keratoconus250,00 Kn
Measurement of intraocular pressure100,00 Kn
Autorefractometer examination50,00 Kn
Biometry250,00 Kn
Pentacam analysis500,00 Kn
Eye and orbit ultrasound300,00 Kn
Fundus imaging100,00 Kn
ORA300,00 Kn
Keratometry50,00 Kn
Pachymetry150,00 Kn
Skiascopy100,00 Kn
Gonioscopy100,00 Kn
Schirmer’s test100,00 Kn
Fluorescein test50,00 Kn
Colour vision testing100,00 Kn
Stereoscopic vision testing100,00 Kn
Visual field300,00 Kn
Fluorescein angiography700,00 Kn
OCT500,00 Kn
Second opinion of an ophthalmologist500,00 Kn
Eyelash epilation100,00 Kn
Removal of a foreign body from the retina200,00 Kn
Retinal stitching removal750,00 Kn
Unblocking tear ducts200,00 Kn
Changing bandages with the local administration of medications100,00 Kn
Subconjunctival injection of Dexamethasone200,00 Kn
Therapeutic lens replacement100,00 Kn
Small procedure1.000,00 Kn
Chalazion (stye)1.000,00 Kn
Xanthelasma2.000,00 Kn
Electrocoagulation of eyelid growths750,00 Kn
Electro epilation of the eyelashes1.000,00 Kn
Ectropion (eyelid turned outward)4.000,00 Kn
Entropion (eyelid turned inward)4.000,00 Kn
Pterygium2.500,00 Kn
Pterygium with conjunctiva transplantation4.000,00 Kn
Corrective eyelid surgery – ptosis6.000,00 Kn
Corrective eyelid surgery – blepharoplasty7.000,00 Kn

Ultrasound cataract surgery (PHACO)

·    with implantation of 3-piece intraocular lens

·      with implantation of acrylic intraocular lens

·      with implantation of natural intraocular lens

·       with implantation of toric intraocular lens

·      with implantation of multifocal intraocular lens

·      with implantation of ultifocal toric intraocular lens

7.500,00 Kn

8.500,00 Kn

10.000,00 Kn

12.000,00 Kn

14.000,00 Kn

16.000,00 Kn

Implantation of Verisyse lens into the anterior segment12.000,00 Kn
Implantation of ICL lens into the anterior segment15.000,00 Kn
Implantation of ICL toric lens into the anterior segment16.000,00 Kn
Washout of lens masses2.000,00 Kn
Intraocular lens repositioning4.000,00 Kn
Glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure)8.000,00 Kn
Glaucoma with shunt14.000,00 Kn
Phacotrabeculectomy (cataract and glaucoma surgery)15.000,00 Kn
Cataract surgery ECCE8.000,00 Kn
Intraocular lens7 000,00 Kn
LASIK10.000,00 Kn
PRK9.000,00 Kn
Vitrectomy (PPV)16.000,00 Kn
Vitrectomy (PPV) + silicon oil22.000,00 Kn
VSilicone oil extraction10.000,00 Kn
Intravitreal injection of Avastin1.500,00 Kn
Intravitreal injection of Lucentis8.400,00 Kn
Intravitreal injection of Eylea9.000,00 Kn
Intravitreal implantation of Ozurdex12.000,00 Kn
Intravitreal injection of triamcinolone800,00 Kn
Laser photocoagulation of the retina (Argon laser)900,00 Kn
YAG laser trabeculoplasty900,00 Kn
YAG laser capsulotomy750,00 Kn
YAG laser iridotomy900,00 Kn
Juvederm Volbella 1 ml2.600,00 Kn
2.000,00 Kn
Juvederm volift 1 ml2.600,00 Kn
2.000,00 Kn
Juvederm Voluma 1 ml2.600,00 Kn
2.000,00 Kn
Juvederm Volite 1 ml2.000,00 Kn
1.800,00 Kn
Restylan Restylan Refyne 1ml2.300,00 Kn
2.000,00 Kn
Restylan Defyne 1ml2.300,00 Kn
2.000,00 Kn
Restylan Kysse1ml2.400,00 Kn
2.000,00 Kn
Restylan Lyft 1ml2.600,00 Kn
2.000,00 Kn
Restylan Fynesse 1ml1.800,00 Kn
1.500,00 Kn
Vistabel 50 i.j.2.000,00 Kn
1.500,00 Kn
Neauvia Hydro Deluxe (skin booster) 2.5 ml1.500,00 Kn
Silhouette soft threads
1 par
2 pairs
3 pairs
4.000,00 Kn
7.000,00 Kn
9.000,00 Kn
Nithya face
1 treatment (ampoule)
2 ampoules
3 ampoules
1.600,00 Kn
2.700,00 Kn
3.800,00 Kn
Neauvia hydro delux
2.5 ml
2x 2.5 ml
3x 2.5 ml
1.500,00 Kn
2.500,00 Kn
3.500,00 Kn
Belotero 1 ml
2.500,00 Kn
2.500,00 Kn
2.500,00 Kn
Lips Contour 0.6 ml
Lips Shape 0.6 ml
1.800,00 Kn
1.800,00 Kn
Belotero Revive 1 ml2.000,00 Kn
Neauvia Intense lips 1 ml2.000,00 Kn
Neauvia Stimulate 1 ml2.000,00 Kn
Ellanse S 1 ml

2.400,00 Kn


Ellanse M 1 ml 3.000,00 Kn
Dermoid cyst surgery6.000,00 Kn
Ectropion surgery (eyelid turned outward)4.000,00 Kn
Entropion surgery (eyelid turned inward)4.000,00 Kn
Stye surgery1.000,00 Kn
Conjunctivoplasty4.000,00 Kn
Corrective surgery (blepharoplasty) of the upper eyelids6.000,00 Kn (7.000,00 Kn)
+ 1 ml skin boostera GRATIS
Corrective surgery (blepharoplasty) of the lower eyelids7.000,00 Kn (8.000,00 Kn)
+ 1 ml skin boostera GRATIS
Eyelid surgery – minor procedure700,00 Kn
Surgical removal of conjunctiva tumor3.000,00 Kn
Surgical removal of conjunctiva tumor with conjunctiva reconstruction6.000,00 Kn
Surgical removal of eyelid tumor6.000,00 Kn
Surgery of drooping eyelid (ptosis) vjeđe (ptoze)od 6.000,00 Kn

Prices of procedures are stated per one eye
All prices are stated in HRK


American Express
– up to 12 installments without interest
Diners Club International
– up to 12 installments without interest
Maestro PBZ up to 12 installments without interest
Maestro ZABA up to 6 installments without interest
Maestro Card ZABA up to 6 installments without interest
Visa OTP up to 12 installments without interest

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